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House of Healing

Therapies and Treatments Offered
Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy
Thai Massage
Fully clothed stretching and compression work performed on a padded mat on the floor.  Often called, “lazy man’s yoga”, this bodywork provides the range of motion we rarely get on our own.  It is the perfect adjunct to deep tissue work, but functions well as a stand alone service after warming the muscles.
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage incorporates heated basalt stones into a Swedish massage for deeper relaxation (via strategic placement, ie: between toes, along the spine) or to allow for deeper work within deep tissue massage.  Either way this treatment provides a luxurious indulgence of the senses and relaxing therapy for the body.
Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release is an extremely light touch delivery of “traction” to the fascia, sometimes called “unwinding”.   This therapy works on the tissues enveloping muscles and organs within the body and helps to free up the body.
Raindrop Essential Oil Therapy
Raindrop is a trademarked therapy whereby a carefully-selected variety of therapeutic grade essential oils are dropped along the spine and along several sen or meridian “lines”.  This pampering service provides a nurturing way to boost the body’s natural immune system and includes a relaxing light massage and steamy peppermint towels as one of the delivery highlights.   A great way to go into the winter flu season – strong and ready to stand up to whatever germs may come your way. Raindrop treatment can be added to any 1 1/2 hour or longer massage session for a nominal fee. 

Essential oils are a form of natural "medicine" and are not to be taken lightly. A formal intake form is necessary and safeguards are taken to assure that appropriate oils are chosen for you.

Prayer team can be scheduled by request :-)

The ultimate deep tissue massage, Ashiatsu is a flowing, westernized blend of Indian Keralite massage, South Pacific barefoot massage and traditional barefoot Shiatsu with western style Swedish strokes. 

Ashiatsu “feels” like a relaxing Swedish massage, but provides deceptively deep tissue work.Ultimately, the blended form has adapted the ancient barefoot massage techniques for a flowing, but deep compression massage that is very relaxing.