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June Special:  

With any 2 hour table session, receive a free Salt glow, as an add-on service.  
A $75 value absolutely free.  (Must be used at time of 2 hr session)

Simply mention when you book your massage with me at (541) 280-2535

As always, when you refer your friends to me:  Receive a $20 massage credit for each new client who receives a session with me.  For every three referrals, enjoy a 60 minute massage at no charge ($75 value)!  
Julie Anderson's Specials
Julie Anderson
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My deep healing experience during my massage with Julie was totally unexpected. I came into my appointment with very limited movement in my neck. I was in constant discomfort or pain, but really what was bothering me more was my disappointment and dissatisfaction with my Christianity. I was wondering if God was even real, to the point of leaving the church in which my husband was an elder. I was going to start a spiritual search all over again.  

During the massage, Julie asked to pray for me, I agreed and as she prayed silently and rocked my head back and forth I felt a cloud lifting off my torso and knew it was called “Sadness”.

I had lost my nephew to a heart attack 2 months earlier, and didn’t realize I was still in such grief. After I released the sorrow through tears, hope was restored! I walked out so much lighter and with faith again in God. Since then I have felt an innocent childlike faith blossom in my heart. Oh, my neck also loosened up after she prayed too! 

Thank God, He knows how to heal our deepest sorrows. He never gives up or stops loving us.
Thank you, Julie, for allowing God to work through your hands.

-- Kathy Beale